Hakuna Nespresso "Espresso" Capsules


Naturally intense and complex, this extraordinary coffee blend comes from the heart of Ethiopia and made of a rich diversity of carefully selected beans. These beans were slowly roasted and grinded into gourmet coffee in northern Italy. Close your eyes and experience a densely sweet berry flavor, slightly floral, light and dry on the palate, rich with fragrance and a full bodied texture all at the same time.

This bag of Hakuna Nespresso “Espresso” Hemp Capsules contains 12 Nespresso compatible capsules filled with fresh ground espresso beans and a robust water soluble broad spectrum hemp. Each pod contains 5g of coffee and 10mg of hemp, giving you the kick need need with the focus you desire.

  • Caffeine level 10/10 
  • 10mg CBD per Capsule

Our blending process begins with natural, Colorado-grown hemp oil manufactured by chemical-free CO2 extraction. We then “Nano-cize” the oil using a patented technology clinically proven to increase nutrient absorption. The benefit of this bio-available delivery is that a cup of our coffee with 10 mg of CBD is equivalent to consuming much larger amounts of standard CBD oil. Each bag contains 120mg of hemp extract.

All of Hakuna’s products are built around the circle of life with sustainability in mind. A portion of all profit are donated GoBe, an organization dedicated to ending homelessness for thousands of families in Southern California and Mercy for Animals which goal is to help end factory farming.

Stop worrying, brew a cup of Hakuna Nespresso Capsules and join in our problem-free philosophy.

Hakuna Nespresso "Espresso" Capsules

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WARNING! If you choose to smoke CBD flowers, please be advised that you do so at your own risk; any form of smoke inhalation may be harmful to your health. All descriptions of the traditional uses of these CBD flowers have been taken from information available to the public on the internet and may not be substantiated by scientific evidence. Please refer to the drug testing page on our site. 

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