Inside Anti Dairy Social Club’s All You Can Eat Vegan BBQ

Our vegan CBD infused lemonades and iced coffee brought their refreshingness to a had-to-be-there All You Can Eat Vegan BBQ hosted by The Anti Dairy Social Club.

It was a beautiful summer Sunday in filled with plenty of delicious plant based foods, drinks, good people, good vibes, music, dancing, poetry, body painting, games and much more at a private celebrity estate.

Guests Junifer and Marr were one of the firsts to arrive and soak in all the vegan treats and drinks!

Music will be provided by DJ Vibrate Higher

Special shout out to our fellow sponsors and vendors: @ReviveKombucha @NadaMoo @NellysBars @VegOutLosAngeles @LeefyOrganics
@DirtDontHurtMe @GoodVibesSocietyBrew @CharliesBrownies @LoboCubanFood @mamachingona_Vegana @bodhibowl @LoveAmaroPizzeria @LoveLightModels @VeganRobs @Tehuanita2.0 @VeganTamaleCo @AndyyPlants @AlgaSnak @NaturesCharm @Linzys_Heart_Work @VibrateHigher @Iapparel @leaf_over_beef @saharbelle and @dynastydonut.

To find out about their next events, releases and more follow and find the Anti Dairy Social Club at @antidairysocialclub and iApparel at @iapparel and

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